Why Not Challenge Yourself? Dance It Out.

Let me begin by being really honest. This was my first official dance video with a professional dancer. So right away, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But let me tell you, I am glad I challenged myself and directed and shot my first real dance video within the first few weeks of moving to the Angel City, aka Los Angeles. 

I contacted a few dancers through THE Instagram but I received no responses. If you know me though, I am not a quitter. I had this idea for a dance video, and once I put my heart to something, it will happen. So I contacted, Ashtar, a talented women that I met on a photoshoot a few weeks earlier. She was beyond excited to get on board. We got some ideas, met up at the location once for rehearsal, and then she danced her heart out. She was a trooper. That graffiti place at the Old Griffith Park Zoo is not the cleanest area but we got all the shots we needed and had a great time doing it( and of course I took a shower right away). Oh and one more thing, nothing is more fun after a shoot than looking at the BTS photos. There is something exciting to see yourself do what you love. Thanks to Katy for capturing some great BTS photos. 

When we got to the editing, I realized that dancers are very very picky. I must admit I thought it was gonna be a long process because we were aiming for perfection in the dance moves and the camera moves(there is always disagreements when you have two artists at work). Yes, there were some tough choices to make but after 5 hours of editing, we had a cut that we were proud of. Ashtar made some hard decisions and she picked out what she knew was her best moves and I did the same with my camera work. I loved the process and I knew Ashtar would be someone I would work with again. She became a client! 

We were very excited to release the video online. Fortunately, people really enjoyed the video and we received over 10,000 views on Facebook in just a few days. 

I must admit, providing creative services is hard  but I have worked with some great clients on some great projects that make the experience worthwhile. 

And I can't wait to work with those clients again. 

Daniel Galuppo

Owner of Daniel Galuppo Productions