The "Burst of Color" Photo Shoot

As photographers and filmmakers, some of us always see the world as a frame. Even in everyday life activities, we brainstorm our next photoshoot or some cool colorful video idea. This is exactly what happened with the "Burst Of Color" Photo Shoot. 

I, Daniel Galuppo, was hiking with my friend Logan at the Old Griffith Zoo right near Griffith park when we encountered empty cages and a beautiful, graffiti filled shack. My first thought was how I can capture those different colors. So, I grabbed my iPhone camera and began taking pictures to get some ideas that became the inspiration for the "Burst Of Colors" photo shoot at this old fascinating zoo. 

Since I just moved to LA, I was looking to make some connections and continue to create fun and different content. This project allowed me to create something really interesting and in the process I was able to work with my friend Logan and a Russian model named Natalie. We had  an amazing shoot filled with laughter and of course, some ART and CREATIVITY. 

So next time you're enjoying everyday activities, don't forget that you can always incorporate your passion and turn something into your next art project!

Here are the pictures that I was able to capture.