"Last Chance" Spoken Word Short Film

There is something really captivating about hearing a spoken word that you can relate to. When it feels like the person is talking to you. I think that is what intrigues me about this art form.

I had the opportunity to work with Ashtar once more, where we combined dance with spoken word. See, what I really like about Ashtar is she is always pushing boundaries by combining different forms of art that we don't often see. When she told me about her project, "Last Chance" and the meaning behind it, I knew I wanted to help her bring her vision to life. 

"Last Chance" is very close to Ashtar's heart. She has been working on this project for three years. She explains, 

The piece sheds light on how so many victims of Domestic abuse are shamed, & receive false blame for their circumstance. The piece also sheds light on legislation that is written in ways that restricts victims & abusers from getting the proper help they need. Anyone who has been in this situation or knows someone in this situation understands what I’m referring to; there are many layers of domestic abuse, that affect both men & women.
So many never took their “last chance” to walk away.
— Ashtar

We rented out a studio for the shoot that was bleak and very minimal to contribute to the story of the piece. Ashtar choreographed a dance that is very powerful and I feel really took the story home. Domestic abuse is not a joke and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. We hope that watching this video, people could feel the powerful message that this video sends. 

Daniel Galuppo Productions believes in telling stories that influence, that make people feel, and that cause change in this world.

Allow us to tell yours. 

Daniel Galuppo 

Owner of Daniel Galuppo Productions