Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Have you ever wanted to be a DJ?  I must admit, I would love to try it. But I wouldn't be any good at it. I can keep a beat but when you have to mix two together, you lost me. The reason I ask is because as a video service provider, every project is a little journey into a life that you may have wondered about. 

Daniel Galuppo Productions had the opportunity to experience the music festival scene at CRSSDFest in the beautiful San Diego Waterfront over looking the crashing waves. I got the opportunity to create a video for Zhu( the headliner at CRSSD Fall 2016). Along with my buddy, Shane, we hopped onto the stage, met all the fans, and the crew behind the Zhu brand. It was an amazing event and a really fun get away. We are really proud of the product as are the people who hired us. 

At Daniel Galuppo Productions, we want to take on projects that take us on a journey. Where we, along with the client, get to experience something different and exciting.  

Take a journey with us...

and check out the product below.

Daniel Galuppo

Owner of Daniel Galuppo Productions